Memory Clinic - Friday's by appointment only

Early detection of the first signs of memory changes, participation in preventive programs & research, and research studies at slowing down deterioration of cognitive function will help to decrease the number of those newly diagnosed with dementia every year.


Unfortunately, many seniors do not have quick access to physicians specializing in cognitive problems and are not aware of available research programs.


The Teapot and the memory clinic at the Douglas Hospital have established a partnership who’s main goal is to facilitate access to the Memory Clinic for the 50+ Community experiencing problems and inform them of the latest progress in dementia research as well as the studies available at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre.


This preventative screening is private, one-on-one pre-testing to help you decide if you need to be seen more seriously for memory care.

To have access to the memory clinic, we ask that you become a member of The Teapot. The testing is free

*For more information Please contact Tamara


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